Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had a great Mother's Day, granted it wasn't much different from every other day but hearing my family say how much they loved and appreciated me was AWESOME! Maybe I am just able to more fully appreciate the simple yet important things in life better than I used to. I suppose getting older and wiser (ha, ha) isn't so bad after all.

I was able to help Matt teach JJ's primary class which may not seem like much but is truly a great blessing in many ways then I was able to be uplifted and inspired in Relief Society. I am so glad that the sun was shining and I was able to go out and enjoy the afternoon with my wonderful kids. Things just felt right; like laying in the green grass with Nico just watching the clouds roll by as she climbed all over me like I was a jungle gym. McKenna and JJ gave me a sweet card and they pooled their money together so that I could buy some beautiful flowers for the yard. McKenna wasn't quite sure what they should get me but she decided on the perfect gift...thanks you two:) Matt gave me some beautiful flowers as did my parents, thank you.

All in all as I look at my life I really am in awe at how me and my family have been blessed and the tender mercies that the Lord has continually given us. Being a mother is a very humbling calling; one that is filled with many tears, frustrations, joys, laughs, and learning experiences. When the day is done I only hope and pray that I have been there for my kids and that I am able to teach them what they need to know. I love you McKenna, JJ, and Nico!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thanks McKenna!!!

So little miss computer decided it was time that I fixed my background and updated my blog. So I let her go ahead and do that for me, yes I think that McKenna knows a lot more about computers, blogging, FB, texting, etc. than I do. Surprise, surprise!

So here goes the Payne family update for what the past month and a half. I will try to make this as quick and painless as possible.
Matt-rode in his first century in St. George about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Bought a new bike and just finished putting it together this past week--OCD. He is really busy with work and training but seems to have plenty of time to post lots of shall we say stuff on my FB page.
Shannon-training for the SLC half-marathon in April, has started riding again and is taking a weight lifting class MWF mornings at 5:30 (messed in the head) with some friends. Busy being a mom to 3 wonderful kids and is excited for the upcoming Spring and Summer.
McKenna-busy with school, tried and for and made the 8th grade cheerleading squad. I know for all of those out there, yes my daughter is going to be a cheerleader, weird. Is counting down the weeks until Spring Break and when school is out and is basically looking forward to cheering. Is going to be working very hard earning money and fundraising to pay for cheer.
JJ-still goes outside in the rain, snow, wind, sun, you name it to play football. He is excited for soccer to begin again this week and is also looking forward to baseball. He and some friends discovered a mine on the mountain across from us and have had a blast making up stories about it--oh to be young again!
Nico-is growing up waaaay too fast. It is amazing how much she has started talking in the past couple of weeks. I think her favorite thing to say is, "NO." Her favorite movie is "UP" and I think she watches it or wants to watch it 3 or 4 times a day. She definitely keeps us on our toes.

I will update the pictures when I have a few spare moments--what are those again?
McKenna has started her own blog but being the protective mom that I am it is private. So if you would like to be invited leave me a comment and I will pass along the message to her that she has some new "followers."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Free Weekend

So Matt and JJ went to Vegas for the weekend to visit his parents and watch the Superbowl, go Colts, so that means a "girls weekend." McKenna had a late night with a friend last night while I desperately tried to stay awake, no chance. This morning I woke up and ran, showered and took the girls to Kneaders for breakfast. Then it was off to my parents so I could drop off the girls for some G&G time. Thanks mom and dad.

It has been quite a productive day, running errands and what not. I know that isn't very exciting but to be able to do so without any fighting kids is pure bliss. I met Becca and we went and saw "When In Rome." I highly recommend this film it was funny, sweet, charming, and a good way to spend the afternoon with a friend. Besides it is really easy to watch Josh Duhamel for an hour and a half, really east. As for the rest of the evening some dinner with the girls and my parents and then maybe a movie later on. Oh the excitement.....try to contain yourself:)
Until next time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I did it!

So just a quick post....thank you for all of your suggestions. As you can tell I finally got the background changed! They all really helped and it is nice to know that people still check in with what is happening with the Payne's. Thank you everyone and have an incredible day tomorrow.

Oh, and as for when we went to Maui it was the first week of December for 10 days; it was part of our Christmas. I just wish that I could go back every couple of months in the winter. It was a blast; I will post more about the trip later. Goodnight:)


Ok so my excuse as to why I have not posted in almost 2 1/2 months is because for some reason I can't change my background. I know that is a really lame excuse but it just bothers me. Every time I try changing it nothing happens so I just get discouraged and don't end up blogging about anything. So I am going to was that? Aren't all of you so glad, not!

Anyway, it has been nice to get back in a routine after the holidays. I have started Ladies Day at Sundance again and I am loving it. I am taking McKenna skiing tomorrow so I keep telling myself to stay calm and to be patient. Hopefully she will have a great time. JJ is obsessed with football and was quite disappointed that his team, the NY Giants, didn't make it the the playoffs. I am beginning to worry about what is going to happen when the season is over.

Matt has already started training in earnest for the upcoming cycling season even though he shattered the head of his tibia while skiing. Of course he won't listen to me when I even suggest that he take it easy. Hopefully, it doesn't displace. Nico is growing up so fast and is such much fun! She is at the stage where she adores Dora, Elmo, and last but not least Barney. We all love watching her dance and sing and talk to the t.v. Well, hopefully I will get the background issue worked out until then enjoy the autumn background:)

A few pictures from our trip to Maui

Friday, October 30, 2009

Catching Up

Up American Fork Canyon with the kids!

It has been way too long since my last post. So I will just fill you in on what has been happening with the Payne Family for the past month and a half. JJ finished soccer and flag football last week and now we are trying to keep him busy. As of right now that consists of playing football inside, only a few things have been broken so far....He loves being in scouts and has a Wolf; he is very excited because I was put in as the Asst. Den Leader for the Wolves on Sunday. No YW, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.
JJ receiving his Wolf badge--good job buddy!

McKenna has been busy just being a 7th grader. Which means homework, hanging out with friends, babysitting, SHOPPING, and most of all--being annoyed with her mother:)McKenna and one of her famous poses...

Nico is has been growing up way too fast. She will try and say anything that you ask her too and like any typical toddler she gets into everything! I can see her trying to be a "big kid" like McKenna and JJ. It is very cute but also makes me sad. Much to the chagrin on Matt she has learned how to turn on the computer so that she can see the bubbles that float across the screen. She almost lost his latest project yesterday, needless to say we are all being very vigilant about keeping the office door closed. As always she keeps us smiling and laughing with all that she does and says.
Nico looking really smart

We went hiking to Battle Creek Falls, drove to South Ridge Farms to go on a hayride and to pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Went and checked out Pirate Island, McKenna wasn't that into it but JJ and Nico enjoyed it. We also went up the canyon with the Beal's. The fall colors were absolutely stunning; it just reconfirmed why Fall is my favorite season. What else...getting costumes together for Halloween, getting ready for Shardae and Keith's upcoming wedding (yeah), and just life in general. I know I have missed some stuff and if I think of anything really good I supposed that gives me a good excuse to post again! Nico, JJ, and Dylan at Southridge Farms; McKenna and her friend Laurel wouldn't let me take a picture of them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

JJ is 8

Man, is he handsome or what?

On the 30th of August our "little man" turned 8. Wow, I can't believe that he will be getting baptized and that in just four short years he will receive the priesthood. I know I am a little slow with the posts, all the moms out there can sympathize with me, right?

So JJ wanted homemade brownies this year, no birthday cake, done. This was a "no party" year so tomorrow we will take him to do whatever he wants. Last week was a little hectic with soccer games, cycling, etc. He got what he wanted, a Nintendo DS and some games thanks to his grandparents and friends, thank you. Of course the obligatory clothes from us and a few other items.

We had a little party last night with our friends to celebrate JJ's and Bridger's birthdays, needless to McKenna was smashing cupcake in JJ's face. Crazy kids they get that from their dad. JJ we love you and our so blessed to have you in our family! YOU ROCK!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
I love the dimple under his eye.
Top 8 things about JJ:
1. He is an awesome athlete.
2. He is the best brother ever!
3. He is very caring and loving.
4. Boy can he dance...and has the best hair.
5. Loves little kids.
6. An incredible reader/student.
7. Very adventurous and wants to do so many different things.
8. Funny and crazy! Just ask the neighbors...

Smile Spidey!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So last night before bed both McKenna and JJ came in to tell me that they had a loose tooth. Being the designated tooth-puller in the family I informed both of them that the teeth were ready to come out. McKenna and JJ of course were both nervous that it was going to hurt; I explained to them how good I have become at pulling teeth over the years and soon their fears subsided, somewhat.

McKenna was first and by the time I had pulled her tooth out she was wondering when I was going to start. Aaah, the magic touch. Maybe I should take up a career in the field on dentistry....I think I will leave that to you Elisa.

Then JJ reluctantly stepped forward and his tooth came out easily despite the fact that he kept closing his mouth and leaning his head back so that I couldn't reach his tooth, silly boy! Of course the Toothfairy made an appearance at our home last night; I don't recall ever having my kids loose a tooth on the same night. Maybe it is karma....or all the sweets they are constantly wanting to consume. Oh well, they were both excited to wake up to money under their pillows.

By the way in the picture they are both trying to show off the gaps where their teeth used to be; they look like they are just being silly. Gotta love 'em.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1,000 Warriors

This past Saturday Matt raced in the 1,000 Warriors bike race that was held in conjunction with the Tour of Utah. It was an extremely difficult race that involved just over 10,000 feet of climbing. Not only was the terrain difficult but as most of you know it was very hot.

Matt did exceptionally well; going up the Alpine Loop on the Sundance side he had ridden himself into 4th position but on the way down a horrific crash occurred involving 5 cyclists. The race was neutralized for 45 minutes to and hour. I am happy to report that Matt was not involved in the crash but sadly my cousin's husband, Steve Beck and his best friend Dave Collins, were two of the cyclists that were seriously injured. I am happy to say that Steve will hopefully be released from the hospital today and that they are going to start bringing Dave out of his induced coma tomorrow. It is safe to say the the two EMT's that arrived on the scene shortly after the crash that were also racing saved Dave's life, thank you. Here is a link to the story if you are interested in reading more Who says that we don't have angels watching over us....?

As for Matt once the race resumed he flew up Suncrest but then began having pain in his right knee on the way down. By the time I saw him again at the last SAG station he was in full blown pain with just over 12 miles left to go with an average gradient of 8-10% neither of us were sure he was going to make it. I can't begin to express how proud I am of him. He finished or as he puts it he "limped" to the finish 15th overall in his category. He basically rode from Wasatch Blvd. and up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird with one leg. My kids think I am crazy as I am sure Matt does because I get a little emotional thinking about it; I can relate to the pain while at the same time knowing the desire one feels to finish what they have started. SUPERMAN

Matt you are our WARRIOR! We are all so proud of you and hope and pray we can figure out what is going on with your knee before LOTOJA. Our prayers are also with the Steve Beck and Dave Collins and their families. Matt you ROCK:)

Friday, July 31, 2009

12 and Counting

I can't believe that McKenna is 12. Where has the time gone, it is so surreal to have a daughter that will be starting Jr. High in a few short weeks. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in Jr. High and going to Girl's Camp for the first time.

McKenna we love you so much and are so proud of you; your father and I could never have asked for a better daughter. You are such a kind, loving, helpful, funny daughter, sister, and friend. But, you definitely have your Aunt Joelle's knack for fashion and shopping, you go girl!

12 Things we love about Kenna:
1. She is a Fashion Diva and Shopper-extrodanaire
2. She is an incredible dancer-check out the "Dancing Queen" post
3. Incredible BIG sister
4. A great helper
5 . A loyal and loving friend
6. Gives the best looks--if you know what I mean
7 . Puts on a great concert while listening to her ipod
8. Gives the best pedicures and back rubs
9. Always willing to give her mom fashion advice
10. Has a tender heart
11. Gives it her best try even when it is scary
12. Has great taste in food